Highlighting the benefits of land conservation

Partners in Forestry Annual Meeting, November 2018

At least 50 people participated in the largest gathering this year in our series ‘Appreciate Our Common Lands; a hands on celebration of the benefits of forest land conservation’ on Saturday Nov. 3 in Boulder Junction.
The morning session was out in the woods in the heart of the NHAL State Forest, led by Ron Eckstein, John Schwarzmann, Paul Stearns and forest health specialist, Linda Williams. The discussion focused on the threat of Oak Wilt, managing for wildlife and regeneration of oak following controlled burning. Following a hearty lunch and fellowship at the Big Bear Hideaway, Heather Kaarakka, WDNR Conservation Biologist, presented a very informative powerpoint program on bat research, invoking numerous questions and discussion. The program next moved to a trio of notable conservation experts who have had distinguished careers compiling over a century of conservation experience. Paul Delong, Mike Dombeck and Dick Steffes were all very comfortable discussing their impressive accomplishments and promoting the numerous benefits of forest land conservation practices, programs and activities.
Door prizes included a rustic wood plank bench as well as bird’s eye sugar maple bread boards. More thorough description will be forthcoming in Partners News.
Partners in Forestry and the Northwoods Alliance are hosting this series in cooperation with help from the UW Center for Cooperatives.