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Northwood Alliance works to conserve landscapes, ecosystems and wildlife habitat in the upper Midwest. This mission also serves local communities in numerous ways, including enhanced economic value, aesthetic and health benefits, and recreation opportunities.

In 2016, Northwoods Alliance launched its Community Forest and Habitat Conservation Program.  After 10 years under new and stable leadership, the organization felt its long-term future must include ownership of unique property to offer positive, tangible, and hands-on examples of the value of conserving healthy, intact habitats.  Our land conservation initiatives have helped protect the Pilgrim River Forest which includes 1600 acres of land and 3.5 miles of the Pilgrim River and the 1042 acre Upper Wisconsin River Legacy forest along with other significant successes.  We have also developed a Water Resource Program focusing on maintaining pristine north woods waters.

Northwood Alliance needs caring and committed individuals to financially support these projects to prevent the loss and damage to beautiful habitats and their waters and wildlife.  We hope you will join us and support us. Our board and affiliates are entirely volunteer, and your donations will directly support ongoing initiatives.

Our primary focus currently is the conservation of the 160-acre Wildcat Falls Community Forest project.  With this effort we hope to keep Wildcat Falls and the diverse, unique habitats forever wild and open to the public. Here riparian features with waterfalls, as well as rock outcrops and old growth forest house incredible plant and animal diversity only 9 miles from Watersmeet, MI.

Wildcat Falls project news and donation incentive!

March and April were productive for the local fundraising for Wildcat Falls. With the help of seventeen individual donors and the Land O Lakes-based Baack Fund we easily surpassed our necessary $3000 challenge from the Friends of Sylvania. We are very appreciative of all who have contributed to our important work. All of your donations are used 100% for the project identified. We also thank the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives for once again supporting our partnership with Partners in Forestry Cooperative allowing us to continue our outreach in support of forest land conservation. Please donate today to help us reach our goal!

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You will receive a receipt for your personal tax records for charitable contributions.  Northwoods Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non profit and 509(a) 2 public charity.  Contact us at:    &

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