The Northwood Alliance is served by a dedicated group of individuals on a volunteer only basis. There are no paid staff in the organization. Our compensation is priceless when we effect, guide, and accomplish a conservation success. Both the board of directors and the volunteer base for Northwood Alliance have a wealth of experience in the natural resource field. While we are from different backgrounds and have encompassed a broad range of career choices, we all share a passionate common trait: our love of the natural world. 

Board of Directors (September 2018)

President (Acting): Casey Clark - aquatic ecologist, fishery biologist, wetland habitats

Vice President: John Schwarzmann - forest supervisor, conservation silviculture, extended rotation of forestry

Secretary: Nancy Warren - recognized with Petosky Environmental Leadership award

Treasurer: Mary Hovel - land owner, conservation for future generations

Public Relations: Carol Mason Sherrill - public lands, wilderness, control invasives

Al Warren - wild and scenic river advocate, wildlife including predators

Maggie Scheffer - educator, outdoor youth education

Joe Koehler - land owner, public outreach, Springfield Bluffs

Mark Hovel - forest technician, extended rotation of forestry

Susan Sommer - past practicing Attorney, non profit expertise

Richard Plonsky - protection of water resources

Acting Director - Joe Hovel, land owner, conservation


We operate in accord to the bylaws that were approved by the board in 2006. A copy of our bylaws is available upon request.