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Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest hike

    Join Vilas County Conservation Specialist Quita Sheehan on Friday morning June 7 for a tour and lessons on the mysterious wetland habitat on the Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest. What is the difference between bogs and fens? Why do some wetlands grow timber such as black spruce and white cedar, while others grow carnivorous plants like sundews and pitcher plants? Consider the horror to an insect of being lured inside a plant by its moisture only to be drowned and devoured by the plant. Is this peat, sphagnum and moss laden surface really land? What is the value of vernal pools?

   Wetlands of all sorts are an incredibly rich and valuable feature in our northern landscape. Though our series Appreciate Our Common Lands, with help from the UW Center for Cooperatives, we will continue to explore these and other areas of critical habitat and their relativity to sustainable forestry.

 Contact us for details as they arise,  logcabin at or call 715-479-8528. We anticipate a 9 AM start and will be done before noon. Updates will be on PIF and NWA websites.

 The Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest contains 1042 acres of privately owned, sustainably managed timber land near the beginning of the Wisconsin River just east of Land O Lakes.  The property is protected from development and open to the public for traditional forest uses under the Forest Legacy program, which assures these public values in the future. This public-private partnership was made possible by the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and assures Spruce Grouse habitat. Please contact your legislator and express your support of this valuable program.

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