Wednesday, January 18th 2017, 1 PM

Land O Lakes Public Library

4242 Cty B, Land O Lakes, WI 54540


                           The Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest


 The Upper Wisconsin River Legacy Forest is a 1042 acre conservation gem positioned next to the town of Land O Lakes. The forest is privately owned but permanently protected from development, and is open to the public for traditional forest uses such as hiking, skiing, hunting and fishing. This project is unique partnership between the private landowner and the State of Wisconsin, specified through the federal Forest Legacy Program.

This tract of land includes forest habitat housing some very unique flora and fauna, including protected wildlife and rare plants. The riparian corridor, river, wetlands, and forest ecosystems, in harmony with the greater forest landscape, play a critical role in maintaining a healthy environment for all forms of life in the region.

               Partners in Forestry Coop is proud to be the primary land manager for the Legacy Forest, and welcomes you to learn more. Please join wildlife biologist Ron Eckstein, plant specialist Rod Sharka and land manager Joe Hovel at the Land O Lakes library on January 18, 2017 at 1:00 PM. We will showcase habitats for the special plants and animals that make this forest home, and discuss the long term management strategies to maintain the habitat. Management of the forest includes timber harvesting, tree planting with other forms of reforestation, timber stand improvement and protection of non timber species. We also will discuss how this conservation project came to fruition, how it benefits this community, and how community members can use the land.