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According to the Gogebic Taconite website, Gogebic Taconite is an entity of the Cline Group.Matt Fifield, GTAC Managing Director, speaks about the Cline Group in a short video:


ďSo who is the Cline Group, and how does it relate to Gogebic Taconite?The Cline Group is one of the Nationís largest privately-held mining companies.Itís a family-owned company; itís been in operation for thirty-five years, developed dozens of mines.Gogebic Taconite, or GTAC, is a wholly owned entity of the Cline Group and was formed for the expressed purpose of taking the lease option from the mineral owners and developing the project.Today GTAC has four employees in our Hurley office and will be growing our employment base as our needs expand during the permitting and development process.Ē


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the Cline Group is based Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.The Cline Group appears to not maintain a website.There is a marketing and communications company called The Cline Group (, headquartered in Pennsylvania, but they donít seem to be the same company as described by GTAC.


The GTAC Cline Group appears to be affiliated with Chris Cline.

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The Ironwood Iron Formation, near Mellen


Most of the leased area is private land owned by RGGS Land and Minerals, Ltd. (Houston, Texas), LaPointe Mining Co. (Minnesota), Penokee Iron Company, or Marengo Development Company, Ltd.They have kept all or most of their land open to the public through Wisconsinís Managed Forest Law.None of these landowners appear to have a web page.


Northwood Alliance: Penokee Iron Mine


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