Penokee Mine: Environmental Impact?


Other than converting 22,000 acres of natural area to an iron mine, what might be the environmental impact of a mine this big, at this location? Would there be harm to water, air, wildlife, and people outside the immediate area?


Many people are investigating these questions. Here are a few links and documents:


        Professor Marcia Bjornerud's comments on sulfides and the Ferrous Mining Bill (2/18/2012).

        Jack Parker message on acid mine drainage (2/21/2012).

        Ironwood Daily Globe: Letter to Editor, 2/25/2012

        Acid mine drainage at Iron River, Michigan.

Settling pond near the former Buck and Dober mines in Iron River, Michigan. Pyrite (FeS2) in waste rock reacts with oxygen and water to form sulfate, resulting in acid mine drainage.


Other Links

        Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

        Woods Person Blog

        Clean Wisconsin

        Clean Wisconsin Blog (Gogebic Taconite)

        Common Ground, the newsletter of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

        Save the Waters Edge

        NOT MINE

        The Nature Conservancy Wisconsin: Mining in the Penokee Range

        Ralph Marsden (1978), Iron Ore Reserves of Wisconsin: A Minerals Availability System Report.

The Ironwood Iron Formation, near Mellen



Northwood Alliance: Penokee Iron Mine


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